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Cultivate’s Essential Gardening Tools For Autumn

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Get your gardening jobs sorted with our pick of indispensable tools.

Navigating the huge selection of gardening tools available on the high street can feel overwhelming, so here at Cultivate Gardens we’ve put together a list of our most coveted garden tools to help get your garden in tip-top condition this autumn.


A good pair of gardening gloves is a must-have. Get the best your budget will allow, as some flimsier gloves will just split at first contact with an unruly rose. Synthetic fibres will dry out quickest, but you can’t beat good old-fashioned leather gloves for longevity and comfort.


An essential tool for digging, breaking ground and cutting through tree roots; not to be confused with a shovel used for scooping and moving loose material like gravel and soil. A spade is much more versatile than a shovel and can be used to do some of the same jobs. Ergonomic spades make even the toughest digs bearable with angled handles that keep your hand in a natural position.


There are two types of secateurs – Anvil and Bypass. They have completely different cutting actions and are therefore good for different gardening tasks. Anvil secateurs have one sharpened blade that cuts down on a flat metal block – great for cutting back dead wood. Bypass secateurs have two sharpened blades that slice together like scissors – great for getting into small, awkward places to cut down shoots or take cuttings.

Adjustable Leaf Rake

When Autumn leaves start to fall you’ll need a good rake to clear them up before they damage your lawn. Adjustable rakes are great because not only do they clear up leaves, grass and other garden debris, the distance between the tines can be adjusted so that coarse or fine material like gravel or soil can be raked too.

Mini Mattock

Once you start using one of these, you won’t know how you gardened without one! Useful for chopping through stubborn root systems and for breaking up hard, stony ground. A versatile tool also good for digging out weeds and moving soil.

Bulb planter

What would autumn be without planting bulbs?! Make life easy on yourself with a long-handled bulb planter – no more back-breaking bending, and this tool cuts out perfectly sized holes at just the right depth, so you know your bulbs will be happy.

So there you have it – your essential gardening kit for autumn brought to you by Cultivate gardens.

If you would like to discuss a garden re-design, autumn is the perfect time to do this, so get in touch now to book a free consultation.


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