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From practical family gardens to oases of calm,  our garden designers will work with you to landscape your ideal garden.

Just as in architecture, form follows function, so the right garden has to start with you and how you use it.

We believe that our role as garden designers is to present you with inspiring and original designs, rather than telling you what your garden should look like.


We'll explain the implications of design choices on cost, garden maintenance and usability, and ensure that you make your choices from an informed position. 

Ultimately it is your garden, so it must be the way you, not we, think looks best.


Perhaps you have a clear vision of what you want, perhaps none at all - either way we'll begin by listening and asking questions. 

We'll visit you at your home to discuss what you are looking to achieve, how you use your garden, how "green fingered" you are, and what kind of budget you're working to. 


If you have clear ideas of what you'd like to see we'll offer insights into how they might be realised in a cost effective way or evolved to iron out any design issues.

Alternatively, if you have no real sense of what kind of garden you'd like, we can help you understand what will work for your lifestyle and help you frame the aesthetics.  

Following the meeting we will create your design using CAD software to produce multi angle views of the garden to give you a sense of how it will feel spatially and aesthetically.

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