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As garden designers we committed to minimising the impact of our work through three key approaches:

Sustainable Employment practices: Hard work deserves proper pay, and we're proud to be a Living Wage accredited employer, meaning that our landscaping team and staff are paid a wage that ables them to live in and around Cambridge.  Professional development and flexible hours are part of our employment ethos at Cultivate, as of course is the safety of our team and clients.


Sustainable Waste management:  We Freecycle used materials within the Cambridge area; reuse materials, aggregates and  plants wherever possible; and reduce future waste through the use of long lasting materials.

Sustainable Sourcing:  We take time to understand  where our materials come from, the impact of manufacturing processes, and the values of our suppliers. We source as locally as possible and we prioritise independent suppliers over the big firms.  Our suppliers are FSC certified and we strive to use only 100% peat free soils.

Sustainble Transport:   We offset our vehicle carbon miles through a certified third party. 


Thoughtful garden design has an important role to play in supporting wildlife in Cambridge, as well as bringing it closer to ourselves and our children.

The company's founder, Ben, has a BSc in Ecology and Conservation, and a professional background in business sustainability, so can advise on how to landscape for wildlife.  

This goes beyond just planting a few "bee friendly" plants, and is about integrating nature into garden design, the physical landscpaing and the arrangement and style of planting.  

We can help create opportunities for kids to engage with nature in your garden, as well as providing space for them to get their hands dirty without it dominating the design. 

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