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7 Stylish bird feeders & bird houses for your garden

We all know the importance of supporting wildlife in our gardens, and one of the simplest is to provide food and homes for the birds. A great garden design needs a stylish addition, so here are our top 7 contemporary bird feeders and bird houses.

Just in Time Fly-Thru™ Copper Bird Feeder

We love this simple and elegant copper feeder.  Over time the copper will develop the classic blue green verdigris patina, making it look even more eye catching. Amazon

Stylish copper bird feeder with bird

Wildlife World Dewdrop Window Feeder

This is one for the kids. A good looking bird feeder that sits against windows so you can get up close and personal. Available locally at Scotsdale

clear plastic window birdfeeder

Tom Chambers Rustic Reed Peanut Garden Border Feeder

We like this for its natural form – it’ s made to look like a bull rush – and it would sit very stylishly next to a pond. Available locally at Scotsdale

modern metal birdfeeder

Steel Teardrop Birdhouse

Although sold as a bird house, this stainless steel stunner (our favourite!) could equally be used as a feeder.  Hang it somewhere the metal will catch the light, and enjoy the reflections it’ll cast around the garden as it moves in the breeze.  A beautiful addition to any contemporary garden design. London Garden Trading

Stylish stainless steel birdhouse birdfeeder

Eva Solo Feeder

We love this clean and contemporary take on the classic bird feeder design.  Crisp and fluid lines, and lovely use of materials. Connox

Contemporary styled birdfeeder

Hanging Bird Feeder

Sometimes its best just to keep it simple.  Enough said! Chunky Funky

modern Hanging metal birdfeeder with apple

Birdball Bird house

Stylish and simple – this one from Green and Blue has a lovely contemporary look, which would sit particularly well with minimalist garden designs. Green and Blue

Stylish ceramic white spherical bird house with hole

So there you have it - 7 stylish and contemporary was to love the birds in your garden!

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