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We believe in fair pricing. 


Just because we're busy it doesn't mean you should pay twice as much for your garden design.

We also don't think that it's your job to chase us for your quote, after all, you are the client. So we'll return your quote as fast as we can, and keep you informed if there is a delay.

If for any reason we don't feel we're able to quote for the work, we'll tell you, rather than just sending you an inflated price.



Every garden design is unique and therefore so are our quotes. 


Elements that influence your quote include material choices, plants, design complexity, and time spent on site, as well as less obvious items like the quantity of materials to be removed and access issues.

We'll present you with a quote that is clear and concise, and help you to understand which parts of the design can  be modified and how that impacts on the cost.


Anyone who has experienced a landscaping or renovation project knows that the unexpected can happen.  Its often these unforeseen extras that add stress to your project and leave you with a nagging worry about what your contractor might charge you.

We don't believe it needs to be so stressful, so we have come up with a simple and transparent solution.


Included in your quote is a day rate you'll pay for any unforeseen work that is necessary to complete your project.  We'll let you know if we need to do anything extra, talking it through with you to explain the rationale, and we'll always get your approval before we proceed.

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