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Plant of the Month: Euonymus europaeus

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Each month we bring you a plant or tree that looks its best right now.

Coming in to its own this month, Euonymus europaeus, also known as the Spindle tree, is a spreading, deciduous shrub offering a beautiful display of orange-red leaves, and pretty, pop-corn shaped, red fruits at this time of year.

Native to much of Europe, this hardy shrub thrives best in moist, well-drained soils in either full sun or partial shade. Growing up to 4 metres high, Euonymus europaeus makes a striking addition to smaller gardens, but is equally successful as a screening hedge, thanks to its spreading capability.

These days the wood is used to make high-quality charcoal, for artists, but in the past was used to make spindles for spinning – hence the name Spindle tree. The enticing red fruits are poisonous to humans, but were once ground up and used to treat head lice! The leaves are eaten by various moths

and butterflies, and the flowers are a rich source of nectar for insects.

All round a good, wildlife-friendly shrub.

If you would like to incorporate a Euonymus europaeus or other favourite plant in your garden, then let us help you with your planting plan. We focus on design work over the winter, so now is the perfect time to book in a design consultation.

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