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Plant of the month: Deutzia Gracilis ‘Nikko’

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

With the nation in lockdown, our gardens and outdoor spaces have taken on an even more vital role in our everyday existence. The value of having any amount of outdoor space at home, can transform the way we feel when not being able to get out and about as we usually do.

As such, each plant you grow needs to make a big impact, which is why we have chosen Deutzia Gracilis ‘Nikko’ as our plant of the month for May.

Part of the Hydrangeaceae family and named after the amateur botanist Johan van der Deutz (1743-1788), the epithet ‘gracilis’ means graceful, and ‘Nikko’ is the name given to this particular dwarf cultivar. The RHS have given this plant an Award of Garden Merit.

This month Deutzia Gracilis ‘Nikko’ will give you huge bang for your buck, with gracefully arching stems dripping with generous masses of pure-white, fragrant star flowers that will last through to midsummer – a sight for any sore, self-isolating eyes!

As a compact and rounded shrub reaching only about 60cm in height, Deutzia Gracilis ‘Nikko’ is perfect for smaller Cambridge gardens and courtyards. It needs no special attention, is easy to grow in most soils and isn’t fussy about the aspect of your garden, making this plant especially good for the low-maintenance gardener.

In terms of care, Deutzia Gracilis ‘Nikko’ is fully hardy and will stand up well to those Cambridge gales that take us by surprise now and again. It will need regular watering during spring and summer, and a good cut back after flowering to promote bushy growth and lots of flowers for the following year. The leaves will turn a stunning purple red before falling in the autumn.

Deutzia Gracilis ‘Nikko’ is beautiful as a stand-alone shrub, or it can be planted en masse for a dramatic border edge or left to sprawl across the ground as brilliant ground cover. You can also plant it in containers for your patio or balcony as long as you feed and water regularly, making this a really versatile plant.

If you would like to discuss planting plans and garden design, now is the perfect time to get in touch.


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