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Plant of the month - Cyclamen Coum

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

These cute and dainty flowers come all the way from the East of the Mediterranean, and despite their sweet and delicate appearance with upswept petals, are one of the hardiest and toughest of cyclamen species.

They are an ideal groundcover for small Cambridge gardens, plant them at the base of deciduous trees and shrubs to bring a little bit of a woodland atmosphere to your city garden. They are also excellent companions for ferns or other plants that thrive in the shade but which might need a lift in the winter months. Alternatively, you can grow them in pots or along edges to add a flash of cheerfulness to your patio during the misty days of winter. The come in a variety of colours: the petals can range from deep pink hues to white and even bicolour while the kidney-shaped, leathery foliage can vary from deep green to silver.

Another useful feature is that Cyclamen coum self-sows, meaning that every year they will expand thanks to ants and other wildlife which will disperse the seeds that have been pollinated by the bees. The flowers provide much needed nectar in the cold months (December to March), making it a great garden design choice not just for you, but for the environment too.

When planting it in fertile, well-drained soil make sure it is not too deep, as it may not flower. In spring, when the foliage starts to wither, apply 5-7cm of mulch from well-rotted leaf mould around the crown. Due to its slow growth rate, it would be advisable, however, not to plant it with other cyclamen species which may out-compete this particular one. As long as your garden design takes into account these principles, your cyclamen coum will grow well, bringing you winter cheer year after year.


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