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Narcissus thalia

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

With Spring finally here, what better way to celebrate the season than with Narcissus Thalia, a daffodil named after the Greek goddess of festivity, and chosen as our April plant of the month.

Narcissus Thalia, once hugely popular with the Victorians, is now enjoying a resurgence and it’s easy to see why. With pure white, trumpet flowers sometimes three to a stem, this elegant daffodil shines out like a star and is full of Spring cheer.

At its best in April, this forgotten favourite is beautifully scented and makes a wonderful cut flower. If you plant the bulbs together in great swathes, you can create a truly striking effect, and as Thalia naturalises well, these numbers will steadily increase year after year. As some of our compact Cambridge gardens might not always be suited to swathes (!), these gorgeous blooms are just as happy in pots and planters where they will cheer up a windowsill or patio for weeks on end.

Plant Thalia bulbs in cool, rich soil in sun or part shade anytime from August to November. Once flowering has finished don’t be tempted to cut off the remaining foliage, leave it instead to die back naturally as this contains all the food the bulb needs for the following year.

These understated daffodils are a great source of food for our bees and make a perfect addition to any wildlife-friendly garden. If you would like to transform your garden into a haven for wildlife, or would like a garden re-design or some new landscaping, then get in touch today, we would love to help.

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