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Plant of the month - Crocus tommasinianus

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

The flowers will not allow themselves

to be tricked by this day,

the sudden blaze of sun that ignites

my window and melts its crust of ice…

February Day by Susan Hahn (1996)

Indeed February, with its occasional frosts and sunny spells, can be a hard month to grow flowers. However, you will see crocus appearing from pots and grass where they can develop carpets of colour. They will bring some bursts of life to your garden design, as well as providing pollinators with much-needed energy after a long winter.

It is a herbaceous bulb which bears slender, purple flowers with a stark orange stamen. In particular, the tommasinianus species has paler flowers but longer stems which prevents the petals from getting covered in mud. This helps them to look good no matter the weather – and keep the colour in your garden vivid and bright.

They should be planted in late summer or autumn and fed until the leaves have stopped actively growing. As long as they are positioned in a gritty, well-drained soil, in full sun, they can find a home in almost style of garden design: wildflower meadow, rock or gravel garden, borders, and even in containers.

It is important to note that like many bulbs they can be toxic to cats, dogs and horses.


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